Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Short Trip

It seems like my last post has been a year ago, so much has happend!

I had planned to show you an update on my Bloom Bloom Pow! Quilt, which is a finished Top by now and also several projects that I have started. Like, "whatever happend to my first project".. well I ripped it apart to join a Block of the Month.

Finished Bloom Bloom Pow! Quilt Top

Recognize these Fabrics? Here a few of my blocks from the BOM. I'll put on more pictures soon

Also I have tried to sew my first garment. A beautiful blouse by Christine Haynes. I enrolled at craftsy for a few Projects and totally love the platform! You get personal guidance by the online teacher. So I made a testpiece and it does not fit well, so Christine informed me about adjusting the pattern to a mixed size. Awesome. I hope I can start the blouse with the awesome Liberty of London Fabric that I bought soon enough.

The Neck and Shoulders, also the bust are way to big! So I'll make a muslin 2 sizes smaller and just adjust the waist and length, which were just fine. Although this is Ikea Fabric and quite cheap, I like the look of the blouse. It's kinda cute..
One of these Fabrics will become the Blouse. I like the left one a lot, which is a Liberty of London Fabric.

I'm not going to talk much about my bags, although I had a lot of fun sewing them. I seriously thought it would be a lot more difficult! So I made myself a large cosmetic bag for our oversea trip. My old one just was never big anough. Check out my flickr account for more photos!

This is the Bag with little pouch for make up

Now what I really want to talk about in this post is my recent trip to California! Yes! It was awesome. My husband was on a business trip and I got to join him! How cool is that? So we left the kids with the grandparents and flew over the ocean.
Wonderful view of the Golden Gate. Just love the colors

Besides visiting friends and having a great time with my husband I really enjoyed the time with myself. Once we arrived in San Francisco I strolled around town, the Pier and took a boat trip, visited museums and, what else? I did some shopping:

I visited the awesome BRITEX Fabrics store at uUnion Square, which was amazing. And, after a Daytrip to San Jose, visiting my Sister in Law and my niece there, I drove by this cool Quilt Shop in Milpitas called "The intrepid Thread". Someone from the Modern Quilt Guild refered to the store, after I asked for a modern Shop in the Bay Area! It was small but beautiful. The owner, Julie was wonderful and I left the store with a smile and a pile of fabric!
All of my Quilting-related Shopping items :-)))

One of the highlights of the trip though, was meeting up with my host family in LA and handing my Host Mom the new Block for our Quilt. I totally forgot to take a picture of her with the block. I wanted to, but I just forgot under excitement. So you'll have to put up with this picture of all the blocks.

My latest Block in the front is called "Card Trick", Cheryl's latest Block is the one next to the Flower Block

Well, that was a lot of projects. I'm so sorry I haven't posted for such a long time. But I had the best time over in the States. Sometimes you have to go far to appreciate home. Coming back I reallized how blessed we are and how beautiful our home is. The other day I went downtown Munich and strolled over the Market and had that "Home" Feeling. To me Munich is the best place on earth. The Lakes, the Alps, the Forests and best of all our Beergardens, and the wonderfull traditions.

The German Quilting Community has started a Quilt-Along. It's Called "Landmädel QAL" and is based on the "Farmer's Wife" Quilt Blocks. Since I am going to join in soon, I have decided to make this Quilt Along from Bavarian "Dirndl" Fabric, which I have used in the Scrappy Heart Block (see picture above) before and really liked the idea. So this time the inspiration didn't come from the trip over sea, but from coming back home!

Summer has finally arrived over here. I will definately try to be more frequent with my posts.
I hope you enjoy the summer as well! But still...

Happy Crafting

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