Dienstag, 30. April 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello Everybody! Here are my WIP pieces! Enjoy!

Finally I held my first workshop as a Teacher! IT WAS A BLAST!!! It felt like I've always been doing this! I enjoyed the teaching so much! So next Semester I will be offering even more workshops and a class! Also I have decided I will join the German Patchwork-Guild! Maybe I can get more jobs for teaching patchwork through them!
I am pretty sure the students had a great time! It felt good sharing my excitement in person, not only digitally ;-)
So half of the class made the large pillow case, I showed you in this post, and the other half, including me, made the little one with this pattern:

This is the pillow I made for presentation. I had to finish it at home, though. Of course I was to busy helping my students!
Next - and I've been dying to post these - are the pictures of the quilt along I have started, hosted by freshly pieced! I loved the design from the moment I found the page and knew I needed to make this quilt! After chatting with my friend Sarah, who has wanted me to make her a quilt for a while now, but couldn't decide on a pattern we came to the conclusion, that this was going to be her quilt! I'm telling you: Both of us are thrilled! So making this quilt for my friend gives me the chance to try out this new (and awesome) technique AND not having to pay for fabric :-)
Lee, from freshly pieced is doing such a great job on hosting this quilt along! All the steps are explained so even I as a non native speaker understands the instructions very well and the picture tutorials are very clear!

So this is the fabric we have decided on (the bundel is placed on the grey kona solid fabric, which is the background!)

This is the Fat Quarter Bundle of Kona Solids I orderd for the QAL
These are my cut strips and blocks, sorted by block

This is how they look like when sewn together. Kinda odd, but once they're cut in triangels they make the following pattern:

This is how the triangles look like when cut out and layed into the petals!

Now after preparing the workshop and getting ready for a few other projects (stay tuned for that) - AND besides having to work as a freelance Graphics Designer, I am a little behind now with my quilt. I still need to sew all the pieces together and cut them before I can start designing my quilt! I hope I can finish sometime in May! Wait until you see the fabric Sarah and I have chosen for the Backing! It is a blast!!!

Last, but not least I can reveal the April-Block I sent over the sea for my Block-Swap with my US-mom. I chose a flower block and scribbeld the pattern on graph paper because we decided it would be neat to have the instructions for the blocks we make this year. So with my last letter I had to send her 3 patterns with my block. The first one was easy, because it is the Star-Block by Sheila's Oh my Stars QAL. The second one, the Scrappy Heart Block from Frebruary, was out of my 5500 Patchwork-Blocks Book, and I drafted it myself the size I needed it (all are 12'' finished Blocks).

I really enjoy the process of drafting and calculating the patterns to my needs. Although I do make mistakes. But that just makes me smarter, right? ;-)

So for the next block I will make the pattern right away so I have it ready for mailing!

Next post, I will tell you a bit about my experiences of makeing my first bags! I'm sewing prototypes for my workshop in Fall and need to make photos for advertising. This might become another obsession. I never thought sewing a bag would be so easy!

Post to you soon!

Happy Crafting!

These are all the blocks we made by now. We're getting there and it's lookin' gooooood!

This is the Block with my drafting-sketches


  1. I love sewing bags! I am anxiously waiting for the new Noodlehead pattern to come out! Your BBP quilt looks great in the solid pinks!

  2. Love the BBP color scheme! It is looking great.

  3. Your BBP is looking great! I'm taking part in the QAL too and loving it!

  4. Thank you for your comments! I'm thrilled :-) and many thanks on te positive feedback on my BBP! Stop by again soon! I'd love to get more feedback on my blog!