Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

My WIP this wednesday

I have a few projects on the go not mentioning the concepts still in my head. But I will start 2 of these virtual projects for real soon!

I am preparing to participate the Landmädel QAL, hosted by the German Quilting Community. It is based on the Farmer's Wife QAL. My Idea is to make it all from traditional bavarian fabric (more or less). Can't wait to make my first block

These are a few of my fabrics, that I chose for the Landmädel QAL

One of my long term projects is making my sewing room prettier. Now it is more a chaotic "throw everything in the way in there" room. But at least I got the walls painted a few weeks ago. No matter if rain or shine, my room is always bright :-)

My little four year old makes sure my sewing room looks pretty :-)

Every month a new Block. I loved the June Block of the craftsy Block of the Month by Laura Nownes. I thought that I would mess up with the corners, but they are almost all just fine. Only one has a little bulk. Now I'm getting ready for the July Block...

This is my LeMoyne Star
I am getting started on a challange by my local Quilt Shop, Quilt et Textilkunst. They are Celebrating their 15th Year and I will participate with a pixelquilt. Since I may talk about it, but not show it on my blog, I still decided to give you a blurred peak of my design :-) Have fun guessing!

Secret few of my Design for my very first pixel quilt
And last but not least: I finally adjusted my pattern of the Sassy Librarian Blouse by Christine Haynes. I will make a quick muslin to check if it fits!
ready for my muslin

So I'm linking up today on freshlypieced's WIP Wednesday with this post! What are you working on these days? Check all the cool bloggers linking up to and

Happy Crafting


  1. Wow you've been busy! Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog (, I tried to reply but it said you are a no-reply blogger?

  2. What? I should Check my settings! I was wondering though, why I never get any replys! So thanks for the note!

  3. Love the block! I must check that one out. I was going to let you know about your settings as well. So yeah, you better add your email in. Thanks for dropping by though.

    1. Where do I change the setting? I couldn't find any reasonable options....

  4. The Bavarian fabric you selected is going to look incredible together!

  5. Good luck with your blouse and the QAL! Visiting from WIP Wednesday.

  6. Oooh - I really like the fabrics you have selected for the Landmädel QAL - so pretty!!