Montag, 24. März 2014

Framed Donkeys in Rainboots

Right now the weather is pretty shitty over here. After a very springy time suddenly it got cold, wet and at our house, right behind the forest, we even got a little bit of snow! How frustrating! I am so tired of the wet and cold weather! I can't even get myself to the sewing machine. Well, all those wet boots and mud keeps me busy with housholding, too.

Before the ugly weather came back, I managed to take some nice pics of my "Framed" Quilt. It is a Design by Camille Roskelley from her Book Simply Retro

I love how the Quilt turned out! Thank you again Sternwerfer for giving me that cute fabric bundle. There was more in the bundle and I will actually make another one in pink :-) 

So back to swiping floors :-P

And you go on and
Happy Crafting

This time I made a handwritten Label with a permanent fabric marker. I'll have labels printed soon though!

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

My Entry for the Pantone Quilt Challenge

Hello everybody!
As I have blogged about in my last post,
 I am participating at the Pantone Quilt Challenge with this quilt:

This is my Entry for "just the top" named "coralstar"
"Coralstar" was inspired by the colors of the sunrise at the caribbean sea. 
In my case that was Jan Thiel Beach in beautiful Curaçao, where I visited with my husband in 2006. 
It finishes 40"x40" and I am entering it in the category "just the top". 
Really only because I am afraid that I might not finish on time! 

For my Radiant Orchid Quilt, I chose the suggested Kona Thistle, because I am in a spring mood 
and the color reminded me of that particular sunset! I know it's not as radiantly blasting out 
of the quilt like in others, that I saw in the Flickr group
but I like the softness an purity of my color selection!

I will quilt "coralstar" soon - I already have a good picture of what I wanna do 
(thinking of waves in the Aqua and pointing out the stars with a dot to dot technique, 
or maybe try out this tutorial on circle quilting).

I will keep you posted on the progress and to you, wherever you are and whatever you're working on

Happy Crafting

yep, thats me, swimming with dolphins at the most awesome Dolphin Academy in Curaçao

Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014

Radiant Orchid? I wasn't so sure if I liked the color at all and the name is still not really suiting the tone - that is my opinion. But when I saw the post on flickr about the pantone quilt challenge and the kona suggestion for the Swatch (Thistle) my decision was: I need to make a quilt! My inspiration are the colors of a beautiful spring sunrise at the ocean side. This is how the design looked like in my eq7 document (the colors are much to bright in this pic):

I ordered my konas and here you go: That's my first block, finishing 20"! The quilt will be a Crib Size Quilt of 40"x40".
I'm not so sure if I will be able to finish the quilt on time so I might have to go for the category 
"just the top"... we will see

I'll keep you posted on my progress (working on the second block) and to you
Happy Crafting