Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

First Finish of the Year

Hi there!

I would like to start with my latest finish:
Bloom Bloom Pow, designed by Freshly Pieced,
posted about quite a lot and sat around for almost a year.
Thank you Lee for a wonderful Quiltalong!

and since I just fell in love with the colors and the design, it will stay at my home! :-)

Now after having the book "Simply Retro" by Camille Roskelley laying around for a while now, I have finally started two quilts: fresh and framed, both in smaller versions than in the book.

I have finished a Baby Quilt Version of "framed":

and I have finished all Blocks for a Single Bed Size Quilt for my little daughter of "fresh"

I just love the fabric of "fresh" by Aneela Hoey
I don't know exactly what line that is but I just love her cute little Designs! 
The fabrics for both the quilts were given to me by lovely sternwerfer* at one of our 
munich modern quilters meetings last year. Thank you so much! You made me 
(and two people who will get the quilts) very, very happy! 

Enjoy the photos and happy crafting

Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Back again

Hello out there! I'm back to quilting.

Life came between me and my hobby* and I am very sorry to not having posted for such a long long time. I did do some sewing and finished the top of my houndstooth quilt that I started at one of our munich modern quilters meetings.
my houndsthooth project is finished piecing

I decided to show you my recent project though: The Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt from the Quiltalong by Lee of freshlypieced. When I made the quilt, I had a specific fabric in mind for the backing. Unfortunately, it wasn't available anymore, so I kinda waited and waited and so the top just lay around and became an UFO instead of a quilt :-(

After thinking about the backing for the houndstooth, I had the idea for the Bloom Backing.Yeah! Finally. So after all, this one will be my first finished quilt this year. Not quite yet, though.

This is the backing I chose.

I would like to take advantage of this WIP Wednesday, to show you how I put a border on this triangle quilt, that naturally finished in an angled border after piecing. I know, leaving the angles is kind of a trend, but I honestly don't like the look of it at all. So when I went into my quiltshop (thanks to the lady at Quilt et Textilkunst for her great advices) to buy the backing, The lady there told me that it would be such a shame to just cut the angles off, for all the work I had with them. SO TRUE!!!

Well, more work ahead, I put some y-seam corneres on, to get a strait quilt! Here you go, that's how I did it:

Remember this top? Seems like forever that I started the quiltalong by freshlypieced. It was so much fun!!

For the border, I made a template of one corner, which I transfered to freezerpaper and cut it on the fold

I used the "add a quarter ruler" to cut out my border pieces. I needed ten, plus 2 halfs

From left to right: I marked 1/4 from the corner on both, the top and the borderpiece and stabilized it with a pin

From the center out I sewed a quarter inch seam all the way down. I pinned the center again on the same hole and sew down the other side. Perfect! (honestly: not all of the pieces look like this one LOL)

There you go! All petals are safed

so that's my WIP right now! Quilting the Quilt. You can see my sketches of the planed quilting on the wall

I've got about 1/3 finished. Hope to show you the finished quilt next week
Well, that was my WIPs for this week! I will try to post more frequently! Until the next post I hope you have fun with your own projects and
Happy Crafting!

*I have been thinking a lot about if a Blog is the right place to talk about my privacy. After all, this is kind of a diary. And although this may not have to do anything with quilting, I have the urge to tell you that after suffering cancer my dad died December 5th last year, only 11 years after my Mom died of cancer.I had made him this quilt last year. Unfortunatly it will not comfort him anymore.