Freitag, 12. April 2013

Struggeling through Life

The past weeks my life has been challenging and a real struggle. My Dad has gone to hospital suffering from cancer and with me being alone with 2 kids from Monday through Thursday AND having a Job 2-3 Days a week I hardly found time to blog. It seems like time is running away. I feel like the white rabbit in alice in wonderland. But still, the time I have left in the evenings when the kids are asleep and my thoughts start driving me crazy, I sit down and sew! For me my sewing machine has become a place where I recover from my stressful life. When thinking of a Design, or cutting, and even when sewing, I am so concentrated, I forget my worries and clear my head. Quilting is my Therapy!

Since I need lots of therapy right now, there is several projects on the go, and I will post more the next few days.

First thing I did when I found out about Dad's cancer was finishing his quilt! Somehow this thought came up: "What if he dies and I didn't make him his quilt?" So there was a strong urge to get it finished. It is a 1600 Jelly Roll race of fabric that perfectly fits his couch! After his 4th surgery (!) I was finally happy to bring his quilt, quilted with lots of love (and some tears) into the hospital. I really hope he fights the disease. There is at least one more surgery coming up and until then, nobody knows what's really going on... I will spend even more time at the machine and to you

Happy Crafting

This is the Jelly Roll, my husband braught me from his last Trip to the US.  Its "little black dress" by Basic Grey for moda

This is how it looked like after all the strips were sewn together

the finished Top

again, I chose an IKEA Fabric for the backing.

The finished quilt!

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