Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Block swapping update

I've received a new block from my US mom! It is a gorgeous star with a flower print fabric, that is still in tone with the blues and I absolutely think it fits in very well.

So now I can reveal the block I designed for February:
I called it the "Bavarian scrappy heart block" because it is made of typical Bavarian prints. And of course it is a Valentine :-)

I used up the fabric from the first Block. Secondly I used a Dirndl-Fabric. A Dirndl is a typical Bavarian Dress typically made of this style of fabric.

Since she had started to use up fabric from her clothes, I loved the idea and used this: The plaid fabric is from a traditional Blouse I was wearing for Oktoberfest, when I was pregnant and nursing. I wont wear it anymore and it wasn't in a good condition anyhow, so I thought this would be great Fabric to use for the Block!

With this block I sent her photos of myself, wearing the Blouse. Funny to see the photo and then the quilt-block.

I love this Block and will someday make a bavarian quilt of it! Maybe for this year's Oktoberfest? If I find the time! It would make the most beautiful Oktoberfest Logo, don't you think? Two years ago they had a "cross-stich" design . Why not make a quilt design? Unfortunately they already picked the new logo . Also you need to be invited to join the contest. I know cause I was invited to make a design a few years ago. Mine didn't get picked :-(

So my US Mom also had the lovely idea to send each other the patterns of the blocks we made, so I did two sketches to go with the April Block, that I just sent over the sea. I can't reveal it now, for it's a surprise, but once it's there, I'll show you my sketches. The next block is cute, too, but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut!

Scrappy Heart Block

The torn blouse

So that's me in the blouse. Now you know how I look like! :-) Well, what I looked like two years ago!

The 3 finished Blocks together

This is the Beautiful Star from Mom. Spring-Time! (Sorry about the strong yellow in this pic)

Now I'm getting more and more excited about my quilting workshop on upcoming Saturday. I bought fabric and everything and really can't wait to meet my students :-)

Next post will be soon about my new Quilt Along I have started. You might have noticed that I have put on the Button! Until then

Happy Crafting!
These are the flyers to my Workshop upcoming Saturday! I'm so excited!!

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