Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

A Birthday Quilt

Yesterday was my girl's fourth birthday and I did finish her walk in the woods quilt! It turned out really sweet, I'm just a little disappointed it turned out so small. I thought that using 2 charm packs would be enough. It wasn't. But next time I use precuts on a quilt I will surely calculate how much I need at the beginning. I would have just ordered more fabric, but it was already too late. I wouldn't have finished it on time if I had. Also it is moda fabric and ordering that over here is so expensive and of course over sea I would have to wait a long time and nobody I knew was recently traveling over there.

I quilted it with a bit thicker thread than usually and I quite like the look of it. No real free motion quilting on this one. I didn't have any planned cause I saw a chevron design like this quilted like that.

My girl really loves it! She's been waiting for her rotkäppchendecke (red riding hood quilt) for so long ;-)

I also made her the little draw string bag for her p.e. clothes at day care. She loves that one too and I need to make another one for her filly ponies... Are those popular anywhere else than Germany? They even replaced hello kitty.....

Another post will be done soon, for of course: I have started another quilt... :-)

Also I am waiting for my host-mom to get my new quilt block for our little project, so I can post the pictures of creating that, as well!

Until then, happy crafting to all of you!

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