Montag, 24. März 2014

Framed Donkeys in Rainboots

Right now the weather is pretty shitty over here. After a very springy time suddenly it got cold, wet and at our house, right behind the forest, we even got a little bit of snow! How frustrating! I am so tired of the wet and cold weather! I can't even get myself to the sewing machine. Well, all those wet boots and mud keeps me busy with housholding, too.

Before the ugly weather came back, I managed to take some nice pics of my "Framed" Quilt. It is a Design by Camille Roskelley from her Book Simply Retro

I love how the Quilt turned out! Thank you again Sternwerfer for giving me that cute fabric bundle. There was more in the bundle and I will actually make another one in pink :-) 

So back to swiping floors :-P

And you go on and
Happy Crafting

This time I made a handwritten Label with a permanent fabric marker. I'll have labels printed soon though!

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