Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014

Radiant Orchid? I wasn't so sure if I liked the color at all and the name is still not really suiting the tone - that is my opinion. But when I saw the post on flickr about the pantone quilt challenge and the kona suggestion for the Swatch (Thistle) my decision was: I need to make a quilt! My inspiration are the colors of a beautiful spring sunrise at the ocean side. This is how the design looked like in my eq7 document (the colors are much to bright in this pic):

I ordered my konas and here you go: That's my first block, finishing 20"! The quilt will be a Crib Size Quilt of 40"x40".
I'm not so sure if I will be able to finish the quilt on time so I might have to go for the category 
"just the top"... we will see

I'll keep you posted on my progress (working on the second block) and to you
Happy Crafting 

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