Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Following quilters rule #1: Never Finish a quilt before starting a new

I had to start a new quilt before finishing "oh my stars"! I can proudly say that that one is almost completed! I will post pictures asap!

My new project is a quilt with lots of love! It will be for my daughter who turns 4 in a few weeks. I baught a charm pack of modas "a walk in the woods" which is very cute. In addition with solid white charms I made all HSTs last night and will iron them and lay them out this weekend. My plan is a chevron design.

Since my kids will move into a bigger room we bought them a bunk bed and it will arrive around birthday. So what could be a better present than a quilt for a new bed?

Here a few pics and more to come!

Happy crafting!

I put the squares right sides together and drew a 1/4'' line from the center from both sides.
I chainpieced the squares, following my markings
I looove chainpiecing. It is so meditative! Seriously, I totaly relax doing this. And I love the look of the finished chain!
I cut them apart with scissors. I could do that watching TV lol

I added this picture of my HST Layout yesterday. Whatcha think? I'm a bit disapointed the quilt turns out so small. I expected it to be bigger, using two charm packs. Oh well. Gonna make a large border then.

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