Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Pillow Case

The contracts from the school where I will be teaching beginners patchwork have arrived. It made me think about how to organize the class and what to teach. The class will start with a 2 hr workshop and actually I had planned to just make it kind of a show, showing a technique using jelly rolls and the students would be able to start the project but possibly not finish it. My friend who likes to be one of the students, suggested to maybe think of a little project, that is quick and can be finished within the time. She said that the students would be more excited and more likely to enroll for the following class if they had a finished project to take home and be proud of. I totally had to agree. So in my mind it was all about patchwork again.

So I came up with a design for a pillowcase using 7 jelly roll strips. I tested the timing and think that it could actually be finished within 2 hrs. All depending on how intense the quilting of the piece will be. I really wanted to make a project of jelly roll strips, for it saves us the cutting time and I will be able to provide a set of jelly rolls that the students can work with.

I used the technique I used for my very first quilt, but used 7 strips instead of just 4.

The calculation was a bit tough, because I was using the measurement of an IKEA pillow, that anyone will be able to afford. The size is 20"x20". It took me a while to figure out how I could calculate the number of strips I would need for the project.

I quilted an all over print on the design with clear thread. After that, I just took an equal size square and sewed it all around the quilted sandwich. Then turned it around, stuffed in the pillow and closed the hole by machine. That was really quick and easy. I really can't wait to show my students this awesome technique!

Here the pictures!

Happy crafting!

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