Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

I proudly present....

... The Oh my XMAS Stars Quilt. I finally had time to put the binding on! That was some work.

Right now it is my grand masterpiece! The quilting was so much work on my little machine! I can hardly believe I got it finished!

Here are the pictures! Even if Christmas has been over for a while, we had enough snow to get a perfect presentation for the quilt-photos! Luckily, since the snow is melting away now. You can now find all of my quilting-pics on flickr , too!
I think even folded it looks beautiful!

I really like this nested star!

Me all wraped up in the quilt.

The Quilt in it's full view 
Also this Chevron Star
is one of my favorites
Beauty-Shot of the Quilting.
I did loops only. I tried some creative quilting
on the large stars and did loops inside the dark parts
of all the Windmill-Stars, as you can see on this picture 
I think the nested Stars
are the most beautiful!
Here with the JOY line from moda.

This is my Backing! The fabric wasn't wide enough so
I added the White strip with the large red star.

AND very exciting: My US-Mom's Block arrived! Remember the Icy Star Block I made and sent her for christmas? Now she has made the next Block. She says it's called Star in a Star! Lovely!!! I like like like the Block so much: She used different Background fabric in white, with butterflies on it to remind me of the town I used to live with them! Your guess!

Cheryl's Star in a Star on the left,
and my nested Star on the right! I'm soooo excited!!!

Also she has been using fabric from an old shirt and a sheet. I so much love this idea, that I have to rethink my fabric choice for my turn of a block! I'm not gonna say anything on this blog for now, since it must be a surprise! But I already found cute fabric which has kind of a meaning!

Right now I am very busy moving stuff from one room to the other because the kids will get a new bed and the larger room. This means many boxes are in my sewing room, not leaving me a lot of creative space, but enough to get some sewing done. I will have to finish my girl's quilt by March so I better get going ;-)

I will do and to you too: Happy crafting!


  1. Beautiful! You are very talented.
    How is your class going? Has it started? Just wondering with excitement!

  2. It is starting End of April. I have no idea if somone even signed up! I really need to call the school and ask them before I start preparing the Working Papers;-)
    Thanks for the compliment. I have to say I do love this quilt and it is so comfy!!