Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

HST Attack!

I came across this Tutorial on how to get 8 Half Square Triangles (HSTs) out of 2 Fabric Squares. I adapted the Idea and made it 18 (!) HSTs. I used 7,5'' Squares and endet up with little 2'' HSTs! You could get 2,5'' ones if you started using a 9'' Piece to start with. If my calculation is right (and you should really check that, cause I am really bad in Math) you should get 3,5'' HSTs by using a 12'' Square.

Using this method you can just add squares and get even more finished HSTs. For example, if you divided the length by 4 (with a 12'' Square you'd have four 3'' elements in 4 Rows) you would get: 32 !!!! HSTs! WOWOWOWOW! Isn't that the coolest Method?

Imagine, you could use a very large piece and make larger Squares and get the Elements for a whole quilt-top in only one Sewing Session! Cool, huh? I'm going to try that someday with maybe 4 solids!

Before I do, I will finish my Walk in the Woods quilt. There's only one row left to be sewn and then I'll start quilting.

Enjoy this Tutorial.
Happy Crafting!

Here are my two 7,5'' Fabric squares, right sides together.

Next step would be drawing these lines. I divided 7,5 by 3 and got 2,5'' and this is where I drew the vertical and horizontal lines. After that I drew the HST Lines for each square like shown in the picture. These will be the line you will follow using a 1/4'' seam.

Sewing along the lines is really fun!

This is how the sewn piece looks like. I made two and am showing the black side to get a better view of the sewing!

Next thing you do is cut out the squares you drew in the beginning.

Now you have your Sewn HST Elemts that you just cut between the Sewing lines!

Here you go!

18 HST elements in only 10 Minutes. of course the pressing takes a little longer :-)

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

I proudly present....

... The Oh my XMAS Stars Quilt. I finally had time to put the binding on! That was some work.

Right now it is my grand masterpiece! The quilting was so much work on my little machine! I can hardly believe I got it finished!

Here are the pictures! Even if Christmas has been over for a while, we had enough snow to get a perfect presentation for the quilt-photos! Luckily, since the snow is melting away now. You can now find all of my quilting-pics on flickr , too!
I think even folded it looks beautiful!

I really like this nested star!

Me all wraped up in the quilt.

The Quilt in it's full view 
Also this Chevron Star
is one of my favorites
Beauty-Shot of the Quilting.
I did loops only. I tried some creative quilting
on the large stars and did loops inside the dark parts
of all the Windmill-Stars, as you can see on this picture 
I think the nested Stars
are the most beautiful!
Here with the JOY line from moda.

This is my Backing! The fabric wasn't wide enough so
I added the White strip with the large red star.

AND very exciting: My US-Mom's Block arrived! Remember the Icy Star Block I made and sent her for christmas? Now she has made the next Block. She says it's called Star in a Star! Lovely!!! I like like like the Block so much: She used different Background fabric in white, with butterflies on it to remind me of the town I used to live with them! Your guess!

Cheryl's Star in a Star on the left,
and my nested Star on the right! I'm soooo excited!!!

Also she has been using fabric from an old shirt and a sheet. I so much love this idea, that I have to rethink my fabric choice for my turn of a block! I'm not gonna say anything on this blog for now, since it must be a surprise! But I already found cute fabric which has kind of a meaning!

Right now I am very busy moving stuff from one room to the other because the kids will get a new bed and the larger room. This means many boxes are in my sewing room, not leaving me a lot of creative space, but enough to get some sewing done. I will have to finish my girl's quilt by March so I better get going ;-)

I will do and to you too: Happy crafting!

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Following quilters rule #1: Never Finish a quilt before starting a new

I had to start a new quilt before finishing "oh my stars"! I can proudly say that that one is almost completed! I will post pictures asap!

My new project is a quilt with lots of love! It will be for my daughter who turns 4 in a few weeks. I baught a charm pack of modas "a walk in the woods" which is very cute. In addition with solid white charms I made all HSTs last night and will iron them and lay them out this weekend. My plan is a chevron design.

Since my kids will move into a bigger room we bought them a bunk bed and it will arrive around birthday. So what could be a better present than a quilt for a new bed?

Here a few pics and more to come!

Happy crafting!

I put the squares right sides together and drew a 1/4'' line from the center from both sides.
I chainpieced the squares, following my markings
I looove chainpiecing. It is so meditative! Seriously, I totaly relax doing this. And I love the look of the finished chain!
I cut them apart with scissors. I could do that watching TV lol

I added this picture of my HST Layout yesterday. Whatcha think? I'm a bit disapointed the quilt turns out so small. I expected it to be bigger, using two charm packs. Oh well. Gonna make a large border then.