Montag, 26. August 2013

Wicked Sunday Stash #02

Welcome to my second Sunday Stash post. As I said before, I hardly ever have something to say about the fabric I buy (because I usually pick pink). This little stash though was bought for a reason which needs to be shared :-)
My good friend from Canada is pregnant with her second baby and the due date would be oct 31st. So what do YOU think I'm making from this stash? Take your guesses!

awefully cute Halloween Fabric by Riley Blake!

After being on summer vacation and not sewing for two weeks I was very happy to go to the Munich Modern Quilters Meeting a week ago! I enjoyed it a lot! These girls are wonderful! Quilters are wonderful people! We talked, sewed, talked, drank coffee and ate cake, sewed and talked. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this lovely group! Claudia brought some fabric to give away and here is part of the the backing she wanted to get rid of! I love it! The pink one will actually be used in my Log Cabin Quilt below. It needs another row to be my prefered size, so I need additional fabric to finish it!
I love the fabrics and can't wait to use them! Thank you so much Claudia

one more row and I can finally put this top together!

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Go ahead and share your latest addition to your stash, too!

Happy Crafting!