Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Something strange has been happening to my Blog...

I am quite dissapointed about this, but half of my last post has been deleted..
What happend, I guess is that I changed a few spelling mistakes on my iphone and once I saved that, the last bit of my post was gone. Unfortunately the important part where I was going on and off about my Cutting Mat and how disappointed I was that it has worn out so quickly...

So please comment now! What are your experiences with cutting mats? I kinda solved my problem and baught a selfhealing Mat, that I knew from my times in Advertising, where I had to cut out dummies and print out samples a lot. The unfortunate thing is though, that it has only a centimeter grid and no cutting Angles, so I really have to still use my old mat as well, at least for measuring...

Also pictures of my latest Quilt that I made in between my stars, which I found on moda Bakeshop have been deleted :-(((

So without having to repeat everything I wrote before, just this short note:
I was a bit bored of sewing Stars, so I made this pretty strip-quilt. It is called "Random Reflections". I found another quilt this style on the web that was commented "pick up sticks" which I like better.
So the "pick up sticks" will comfort me on cold evenings on the couch!
I have finished the top, and am now thinking about a pattern to quilt on it. Also I will need batting and a background fabric, which I might just leave white with some left over strips in the middle...

Here the lost pics:

These are the beautiful Jelly Rolls from Quilt et Textilkunst that I used for this Top
And this is how the Block looks like

6 Rows with 5 Blocks each
And I have finished sewing all pieces toghether and added about 8'' of background fabric on top and bottom, to make the quilt longer (I like to be cuddled up to my chin)

Since I finished that I have been working on the stars. It just HAS to be finished by December 1st! I also want to feature it on my Christmas-Family-Photo. Since quiliting has finally become part of the family LOL. A little Story here: My daughter (3,5 yrs) was asked by her kindergarden teacher what her mom was doing for work, and she said: Shes's sewing blankets. I was really amused when I heard that, for I am originally a Graphics designer and will go back working for the German People Magazine in January... 

Now heres a quick update of the Stars, and a knitted cardigan I finished for my little daugher (1yr), that has been laying around for ever. 

been busy chainpiecing geeses
A bunch of stars

a bit more than a third of the Top... but by now I have completed almost 2 thirds.
I am going to replace the Chevron star though, cause I think it sticks out annoyingly.

gorgeous little Cardigan for Lisa

Another odd thing, is that this post is listed below the one I messed up, although this one is the latest one! How I hate the computer work. grrrrr...

Until I have the nerves to post again! Happy Crafting!

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