Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

A month has past

It's been a month since my last post. A lot has happend. I have been on vacation with my family (no sewing for 2 weeks AND I made it ;-) I read 2 Books instead...

My last post ended with two finished Baby Quilts, and I will start this one by telling you about my two (!!) large Quilts I have started, both for my Couch! Yes, finally I am making a Quilt for myself.

I have been surfing through a lot of Blogs on quilting and found this awesome QAL (Quilt Along) "Oh my Stars"

I found that every QAL has a Logo that you can put on your blog to provide the link to the orignial page. But since I am totally new in blogging and still haven't had the time to deal with this program I have no Idea, how to do that and am just hoping this Link above is working.

This QAL just caught my interest and after reading and going through the tutorials I decided it was about time to make a full size Quilt for myself. Days have become cooler and since Christmas is just around the corner I decided to make a Xmas Version of Oh my Stars and will name it Oh my Xmas Stars. (Not very creative, I know). I ordered some Christmas Fabric and made my first stars, and they turned out really nice. Although I am not a very accurate sewer, everything fit together just fine! Awesome! The tutorials are so clear and step by step, anyone could do this!

So here's my first Star :-)
YAY! I think it's awesome ;-)
And after making a few stars each size, I started cutting more fabric at the time, so I would have a bunch of stars to start with. I am not the kind of quilter that cuts a few days, sewes a few hours and presses for a loooong time. Instead I like changing the routine.

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