Freitag, 3. August 2012

Update on my Projects

Okay. I'm a really lazy blogger! I know. I just had to spend my time sewing and sometimes I even clean up the house ;-)

BUT I was pretty busy. I'm gonna drown in Quilt Tops now!
I haven't finished the Barbie Top, but started to sew the rows together.
In addition I have started a snowball quilt of a moda Charm Pack "Max and Whiskers", which is very cute. It is going to be a little Baby Quilt for my Godson who lives in Canada. He has been a really bad sleeper lately, so I decided to make a quilt for him in order to make him sleep better. I know it's gonna work, cause by the time he gets it, he'll be back to sleeping good. LOL.

As you can see on the bottom picture, I saved all the littel triangles that came off the blocks and sewed them into little squares and I might just make a border of it. 

I hope I can finish this quilt and get it in the mail to go to Canada soon! It is definately NOT gonna be a Christmas present ;-)

The reason why that little Quilt is gonna have to wait a while is this:

I went on a workshop on sewing Circles and this is what came out of it! Isn't it totally cute? When I look at it I can hardly believe I did this. But the tecniqhe with Freezer Paper is actually very easy! At first I wanted to do the beginner's workshop at "Quilt et Textilkunst", my new favourit store!
But we'll be on vacation that weekend and since I really, REALLY wanted to go on one of their workshops, I decided to just sign into "Circles", although I thought I might be to much of a beginner for this one. Nope! I did just fine! It was great talking to other Quilters and sharing the passion. For sure I will participate another workshop asap!

So here's a few pictures of making the blocks:

Now I have sewed all the pieces togehter and made a sample-sandwich to practice the quilting, 
that I want to make on the actual Quilt:

I just looped around the circle and I actually just made the circles around the inner circle, cause I really messed up stichin in the ditch, but I actually like it, so I might do that on the three inner Circles on the large blocks.

Before I do this I will definately practice a bit mor on little pieces to get into the flow. Now that I have so many tops finished (soon) I can get into Quilting. Maybe I will participate the workshop on free motion quilting. 

I got myself a sketchbook and when my brain is full and needs a pause I just skribble around and make patterns. I even practiced the feather a few times. It's gonna take a looooong time of practicing before I'll be able to do that on the machine! But I'm confident.
Her a few of my sketches:

And now the latest big news: I got an old sewing-machine of the 50s for free! 
It's gorgeous and I think the machine actually works. But my plan is to build in my machine, 
so I have the large space to do my quilting:

Okay, that was it for now! I'll keep you posted! Until then: Happy Crafting!

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