Montag, 20. August 2012

Lemon Fresh Summer Babyquilt!

I had to quickly decide on a quilt design for a baby! My friend Sarah wanted me to make a quilt for her sisters baby boy, who was born early this morning! I just bought striped fabric at Ikea that I already had in mind, but wasn't sure of what to do with it.

I decided to make a stripy tube technique, cheating a little with sewing strips together, but just cutting off striped squares. It was more of a test, but it actually worked as planned! Wow! I made this in about 20 minutes!!!

I named it Lemon Fresh Summer Quilt cause the colors really look fresh and lemonade like!

So that's a quick in between project.

Having that finished by the weekend, I hope my yard of "Max and Whiskers" for my snowballquilt arrives! So I can start quilting that one. I have made some sketches on quilting ideas... Will have to make a test with tracing paper. So that'll be my first quilting design.

Good night quilters! Dream of Blocks and Doodles! ;-)

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