Montag, 11. Juni 2012

A little step forward

I finally worked on my project again! Also my open foot arrived, but I haven't had the time to try it yet. Just wish I had more time. I don't want to start practicing and then having to stop when I'm starting to get into it... Oh well. The day will come!

The good news is, that my little one will start daycare in July, which means I will have a few hrs in the morning to do some work.

Back to my project!
So this is how it looked like before I started on it again:

I cut it in two pieces and picked out some fabric to go with it. I really loved the pink tiger pattern! So I decided to make a big center piece of it and frame it in pink.

This is what came out. I love it! Would actually make a good table top, but I think it's gonna be a lap size quilt for the couch!

I think I'll frame it in a dark purple and bind it with white! Be free to make comments and suggestions!

Also I made a sketchbook for patterns and notes! Look at that!

Unfortunately the blogger app on the iPhone doesn't give me the choice to place photos within the text, so they are all in the end and not even in order :-(

Since I hardly ever start my computer I find the app very comfortable so I can just take the pictures with my phone and post them. Just not very happy with the layout. Can't have everything!

Now I hope I will soon have a few hours to start quilting and finish my projects. Or at least one!

Happy crafting!

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