Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

A free motion session

First thing I've gotta say is: I'm posting this from my iPhone, so again, the pictures probably won't be in the right order.

Tonight I sewed my pieces of project #2 all together and I'm very pleased with what came out. It's about the size of a baby quilt and maybe that's what it's gonna be..? The scrappy look makes it very modern and really hides my bad sewing skills ;-)

Satisfied with that, I decided to clean my machine and change the foot! And while I was in the mood I decided to just go for it and try the free motion quilting! YEAH! Was sooo excited! Of course the piece looks awful but I still kinda like the look it gives the material! Rome wasn't built in a day, right? I really need a few hours to practice though! But it was so much fun!!!! Next thing to do is take some of my bed sheets that I don't use anymore and make a few sandwiches to practice on! In the meantime I will really have to finish my tops!

I have so many ideas for patterns and styles in my head! Only the lack of time is stopping me!!! So the artist in me is finally back! She has been slumbering inside me while getting stupid on layouting magazines and ads... I feel so good doing this!

Of course I know that quilting in the US has some great tradition and most people learned it from their mom or family! My mom never quilted, I doubt she had ever heard of it, nor have I learned sewing from her.

But why not start a tradition??? I have the feeling that quilting is gonna be the next big thing, just like knitting has become popular again a few years ago! I just always thought quilts have to look all old fashion and have to be in their traditional patterns! Wrong! It is a craft that has modern styles just as in painting! What ever you like!

You see I'm overly excited about this!
Happy crafter I am !

So I'm gonna let you go!

Happy crafting to you!

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