Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Trick or Treat?

Obviously a treat!

I'm dedicating this post to my good friend Kirsten, who lives in Canada with her lovely family! Although we have been mostly apart since we became friends, we are somehow connected. Thanks to facebook emal ect. we're staying connected, even more than we did when we actually lived in the same city!

Her first son somehow became my godson. I am still very touched thinking of it, because this came as a total surprise, being this far apart and her having a twin sister... I would have never ever guessed that!

Now she is close to her due date with her second son. A quilt is the best birth present, of course!
So since the due date was initially on Halloween, I chose this cute Halloween fabric, that you all saw in my Sunday Stash #2 post!

The quilt is done and I have a little parcel prepared with a few goodies and presents for my godson who will turn 2 in December. It will soon leave this continent with all my love and just the best for this cute little family! I really hope to see you soon!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Happy Crafting


  1. Alex, da hast du einen coolen Quilt hingelegt und irre gute Bilder davon gemacht!

    1. Danke Andrea, das freut mich! Der Quilt ist gestern in Kanada angekommen, also pünktlich! Die Quilts die man aus Freundschaft oder Liebe macht werden immer am schönsten, oder?