Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Did I say December?

No way I'm getting the star quilt finished - ever!!!! I totally underestimated the quilting of this huge quilt.. The heavy quilt is giving me a hard time on my little Pfaff Varimatic.... Unfortunately I have decided, and started to first outline ALL the stars (as if I had forgotten how many there were...). This is not even close to finished. After about outlining 1/4 of the quilt I started free motion quilting swirls a bit, just so I wouldn't get bored. It looks really good and the stars pop out neatly.

The struggle already started when basting the sandwich together. It took almost the space of the whole living room, as you see on the picture.

The backing fabric is starry as well. I couldn't resist :-) but since it was not wide enough, I just sewed one last star and made a strip on one side. I like it. Do you?

Well, right now I am very busy with stuff that I need to get organized before going back to work. Also I'm on a business workshop the next few days, so really... The star quilt might have to wait a bit longer... Although I still wish it to be ready within this advent.

I'm exhausted, but to you happy crafting!

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