Montag, 12. November 2012

Update on Stars and my very first pattern design!

You might have noticed that quilting has changed my life completely. Although I will go back to work as a graphics designer in January, I decided I wanna start a career in quilting as well. And although it may sound strange, me being a beginner, I will give a beginners patchwork class in April 2013 at our local craft school. Yay! All I want to do is spread the joy of quilting and that's how I'll start!

So besides working on my stars (I completed ALL the stars and joined them together) I have also worked on my very first design for a quilt pattern using HSTs and squares only. Check out the pictures of the process! And I have just sewed the first two test blocks. I wanted to go for solid colors so the contrast of the pattern shows really well, but the students should interpret that block with their own style of fabrics! Can't wait! After playing with colors I decided to go for the strongest contrast there is: black and white!

I am so excited about this! I just hope that enough students sign in, so it doesn't get cancelled!

Anyways. The pick up sticks is my next challenge to quilt! I have baught backing and bating and found a cool design on a ikea fabric that would go great with the piecing!

Enjoy the pics, and happy crafting!


  1. Wow that is an amazing step! You are so brave! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks Jo! Your my best Blogger Friend ;-) I still keep trying to comment on your Blog and it doesn't work every Time... The reason might be that I always use the phone and pad for these things...
    I am so excited for you that you'll move back to Ca! We might actually meet more often then, since we have family in Cupertino (my sister in law, and she just had a baby) xo